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Dr. Ashtor is trained in classical and contemporary theory and technique and treats patients both psychoanalytically and in psychotherapy. She specializes in working with adults who want to gain insight into the underlying causes of their problems, and treats a variety of symptoms, from depression and anxiety to addiction and grief. She has particular expertise working with people who have difficulty identifying their emotions, feel estranged from their true desires and needs, and feel they are in a moment of crisis or major change. She works with patients from a variety of different backgrounds and uses her scholarly research and experience working with different patient populations to guide her methodology. 

Dr. Ashtor is a licensed psychoanalyst who trained at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) in New York City, which is an affiliate of the governing international organization, the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), founded by Sigmund Freud in 1910. Her training has included rotations at the Metropolitan Psychiatric Center on Roosevelt Island, George Jackson Academy in the East Village and Bailey House in the West Village. She has worked with diverse patient populations, across a range of clinical and non-clinical settings.

Dr. Ashtor writes for psychoanalytic journals and serves as an Editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Studies in Gender and Sexuality. She presents at conferences around the country on topics such as trauma, dissociation, sexuality and affect, as well as psychoanalysis and culture. She is also a clinical supervisor at CUNY.

Dr. Ashtor has a scholarly expertise on the work of French philosopher and psychoanalyst Jean Laplanche and has written extensively on his theoretical innovations. She is the author of Exigent Psychoanalysis: Jean Laplanche's theoretical interventions  Routledge (2021).

Dr. Ashtor sees adult patients in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Her office is in New York City. She can be reached by phone for consultations or referrals. 


Dr. Ashtor writes for psychoanalytic journals and serves as an Editor for the interdisciplinary clinical journal Studies in Gender and Sexuality. She presents at conferences around the country on a variety of different topics, including sexuality, loss, affect and identity. 

139 W 82 ST., #1CD

New York, NY 10024

#(347) 327-1867

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